Thursday, March 26, 2009

Valentine's day in March

Grandma and Grandpa in Tennessee sent the kids a card for Valentine's day that included $2.00 for each of them. We decided to take them to our local ice cream shop the other night and we had a great time.

First Pie Girl got chocolate in a waffle cone (her "usual").

Buddy loves strawberry more than anything and we have found that he eats all of his food as fast as Uncle Juice (and that is fast!).

Duder Man loves all things with color and he liked his sherbet but he started getting sick during our visit and ate only a little before he and I sat in the car while waiting for everyone else to finish.

Dollerheart shared with daddy so it was only right that I include a picture of her with her dish.

We had a great time. Thank Grandma and Grandpa!!


  1. Yeah, uncle Juice eats really, really fast. It amazes me at every meal. Those look really, yummy!

  2. He is brought up at almost every meal lately. Buddy thinks it is pretty cool to be like him. :)

  3. Holy Cow that is a HUGE ice cream sundae!!

  4. Jealous? We could met there to catch up. I'm just saying.