Thursday, March 19, 2009

Comfy Pinwheel

My newest FO (finished object) of 2009 is this Pinwheel Sweater that I just LOVE!!!! I knit it with Knit Picks Comfy yarn that is a cotton yarn that is incredibly soft and fantastic colors.

It is a super easy and fast knit. It is supposed to fit a baby up to a 4 yo. Dollerheart is 18 months old and this will probably just last the summer. My gauge was a little tight making it smaller but I still love it!!! I even have enough yarn left over to make her another one next year that will fit her then. I love this pattern that much. Dollerheart loves it too.

Project details

Pattern: Pinwheel sweater

Yarn: Knit Picks Comfy

Ivory - Less than 1/4 of the ball
Cypress - Less than 1/4 of the ball
Planetarium - Less than 1/2 of the ball
Pomegranite - About 1 and a half balls
Fedora - About 3/4 of a ball

Blackberry - Just over 1 ball


  1. Too cute!! Look at you go. I'm gone for a few days and can't check out your blog and you've gone crazy. Yea!!

  2. SO!!!! DANG!!! CUTE!!!

    And the sweater is beautiful also.