Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My cats are trying to kill my dog

I have always known that cats are more intelligent than dogs and operate from a much crueler place in their brain than most humans. They are vicious in their hunting and can torture a mouse for hours before eating it. But lately my two cats are showing a new side their evil ways.

We have two cats. One is named Lola because she is persistent as anything. If she wants to be in your lap she will continue to stalk your lap until all of a sudden (after tossing her our of it 15 times) she is curled up purring in your lap and you have no memory of how that happened.

Lola is our bulimic cat. We have their food in the garage and they have access through a cat door and so they feed themselves. She will go in, gorge herself, and then within 15 minutes throw up on my carpet or couch. When we went to Tennessee for three weeks in December we came home to her throw up in every room of the house.

Our second cat is named Yuki after a character in a Japanese cartoon movie. She has the same markings as this other cat and it means Lucky. She is lucky we still have her. When we first adopted her we kept her inside to make sure she would run away or get in a fight with the neighbor dog (that is another story). She didn't like not being allowed to leave and found her own way to leave...through the chimney. I am not kidding. She scratched her way at least halfway up the chimney before loosing her footing. I was changing my youngest one day when I heard a scratching sound and turned in time to see her fall to the bottom of the chimney in a puff of black soot. She did this twice and after the third(somewhat rough) bath she finally stopped. This is after the last bath.

This shows the interesting personalities these two cats came with but their newest behavior is the reason for title of this post. I love barbecue chicken and Mr. Edge is the cook around here and likes to make it for me. We are extremely careful to get all bones put away in the garbage away from Sam in the garage. Well it turns out the cats have found a way to open a small hole in the garbage bag and get the bones out. After they chew off what they want they are consistently leaving the bones just inside the garage just below the cat door. Sam cannot get into the garage through this door but he does put his head in and grabs those bones as fast as he can and runs off to try and eat them. This has happened several times and the cats hate the dog so I do think this is intentional. These are some mean cats! They only look innocent.

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  1. Oh my on the cat puke in every room, and the kitty climbing the chimney. (add those to my list of why we don't have one. :) ) And poor doggie.