Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Stitch In Time

I finally have several projects I need to share with the world. First, I have a pair of socks!!!


I totally loved knitting these socks. They have a fantastic pattern that is a ribbed pattern so these are extra flexible.


The color is to die for and I ran around showing everyone my sock.


Then I washed them and they shrunk. THEY SHRUNK!!!!

I didn't take a picture of the shrunken socks. I didn't have the heart to record that disaster. They were knit with yarn that is supposed to be superwash, which means that it is not supposed to shrink in the wash. I have since realized that no knitters actually believe that it really keeps things from shrinking. I am finally now a real knitter. Oh, the lessons we learn.

Well all is not lost. The socks actually fit Pie Girl okay and she is very proud of them. *sigh*

As a final memorial to my lost socks I give you this picture of the gorgeous heel.



  1. Shuldbergs In TexasJune 11, 2009 at 9:22 AM

    I love the pattern. It's a shame that after all that work you can't wear them anymore :(

  2. Those are AWESOME!!! And I like her shoes too. :)