Saturday, June 27, 2009

Garden of Hail

If you remember my lovely post from a while back, you will know of the desolation hail has already brought to my tender young plants. Well, I still live in Idaho and we had another hail storm yesterday and I immediately ran out to find out what it did to my plants this time. I found everything covered in hail and slightly beaten but it didn't destroy my plants as bad as last time.


My potato plants have just started to come up (we planted them kinda late).


Isn't it cute?!? I love these plants.

Mr. Edge is very proud of his pepper plant. It has a wee little pepper started. We are just hoping the kids will leave it alone long enough for it to grow to full size. Duder Man has already picked the green tomatoes and hid them in a bathroom drawer. (I don't know why.)


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  1. Hey, I'm going to be up there in a few days, you gotta tell about this gardening. I think I could do this.