Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Garden Massacre


I have finally put my garden in after 3 years of dreaming about doing it. I had finally found a technique that I thought would work best with my lazy self. I love gardens but can never remember to weed daily or weekly. And if the sprinklers didn't reach the plants then you better forget about watering. But like I said, I finally found the technique that seemed to be suited to me. The Square Foot Gardening you start from scratch and buy your soil, boxes and seeds. It only cost me $600 (yikes!) and we had it planted the first week of June. Next thing that happened was the Idaho weather.

We have had a week and a half of storms and wind and brutal hail. Mr. Edge laughed at my concern for my plants. He thought is funny that I thought hail could actually harm my plants. Well, the laugh is on him because I was right! Look at this destruction!


This is my sad little tomato plant. My cucumbers were totally decimated! All that is left of them are shreds. But...despite the trauma that happened to my transplanted planted my seeds have done wonderful!!


These are my radishes! Aren't they cute?!? I am so thrilled that I have something that is actually growing.

Tomorrow, I will post some of my latest finished knits as well as some that I am currently working on. The first picture is of my littlest one playing with her toes in the grass and I couldn't resist a picture. This is her as well as I asked her where her toes are.


Yes...she needs her hair cut. :)


  1. Yo Should see the squash. it is just a stub. There are little leaves all over the place. It is like we took a lawnmower to them

  2. Hopefully they will pull through. I worry about that kind of stuff too.

    I dream of having a garden some day. I think next year I am going to plant every thing in flower pots and mini swimming pools on the back deck like the Koreans do. :)

  3. Shuldbergs in TexasJune 11, 2009 at 9:20 AM

    I have a friend that does the square foot gardening and loves it too. We need to try something, anything. Good luck with that Idaho weather.