Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring chickens!!

Can you tell what the theme is around here? I want spring!)

At the end of February my four kids and I drove to a local hatchery my friend and her husband have just started and picked out 4 day old chicks.

Each child got to pick out their own chick and name it.

The black one is Buddy's and he named it "Blackhole".  The one on the top is DuderMan's and he named it "Tiger". The one on the bottom is Dollar's which she named "Peep". Actually it was more Pee-pee but we morphed it into something not potty related.  The one in the middle is PieGirl's chick which she named Bella. I swear she did not get that name from Twilight.

They were so incredibly cute! They spent the first few weeks in our bathroom.

And since my town now allows us to have up to six chickens within city limits, I of course had  to go out to the local ranch store and get two more.

You can see the smaller Buff Orpingtons I brought home at the bottom of the picture. These two didn't have anything to reliably identify them separately so they do not have a name. They are also the most wild and want nothing to do with us. Except for those pesky things like water and food.

Tomorrow I will show you what the chicks look like now....


  1. Hey, thanks for your comment on my blog! :-)
    Tiny chicks are the CUTEST! I had the best time raising my flock from day-olds...what an amazing experience!!
    How are your little babies doing? What a wonderful thing to share with your kids. :-)