Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Secret Obsession

Maybe it isn't so secret.

I want a farm. No really, stop laughing. I want a farm with several acres and lots of animals.

I want a big old faded red barn with lots of noises coming from it.
I have rabbits and will have chickens within a few weeks. That is all that can fit on my current city lot. But I do have a goat. :) He doesn't live with me but at my friend's farm. She has almost 3 acres and I am so grateful to her for allowing my goat to live there with her goat.

I want to add turkeys, geese, ducks, pigs, sheep, more goats, and possibly a pony. My husband thinks I am crazy and he is probably right. But I think it might be a disease and I am not alone.


1 comment:

  1. WOW!! You're back!

    You obviously were too little when Dad had the farm in Washington. It's work...lots and lots of work. But I remember as a kid always having something to do. Good memories. :)

    I hope someday your dream becomes a reality.